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Cloud POS Software Provider:

Welcome here from the POS Software Providers. Environment is changing and the technology is also changing rapidly. In the world of internet, people are very much connected with computers and mobile phones. Small shopkeepers work very hard. He don’t have the resources to buy their own computer, and run their own retail software on it. You can contact with POS Software Provider Companies. If you go to the market to buy something like this, they charge you a lot of money and that things doesn’t have quality. He goes to be bad again after a while. Shopkeepers don’t worry anymore. Because computers and the Internet have made things easier for everyone. We can run any software on the computer and make our work easier and also save your time. MUC TECH HUB is a software company which provides all IT services. This company will offering you all kinds of software, websites, mobile applications and more services. We are pos software provider. This company is  giving multiple software as given below.

·         Point of Sale

·         Billing System

·         Invoice System

·         Inventory Management System

·         Retail Software

·         Stock Management System 

Cloud Base point of sale system:

In this system, you can manage your sales, keep the records,
keep track of vendors and maintain customer loyalty. If your software is live
on internet, you can access from everywhere with the help of internet.

Point of Sales System (POS) Features:

Secure your Data and Records


Offline Sales

Barcode Sales

Receipt Customization

Discount and Promotions

Why do you need this System?

Earlier people used to make bills
on papers. But now they buy software and work on it and save their precious
time. It’s very cheap from our side. It’s very easy to use. There are some
modules of this software are given below:

Add Items

Delete Items

Update Items

Add Categories

Generate Bill


Why you choose us?

Our company have a standard. We have our own rules and we
work on them. That is why people are satisfied with our work. We do the great
job. And we satisfy customers. Our work price is the lowest. But we are very
expert in our work. Some agencies deceive people. Which loses people’s trust.
And then they don’t contact any agency. We are here and offering to all of you
the best services. Please come and avail the excellent facility.

Features of Retail Softwares

Receipt system by MUC TECH HUB
Daily POS Reporting System MUC TECH HUB
Barcode MUC TECH
Discount and Promotions by MUC TECH

OUR POS Clients

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No Internet? No Worries, with CLOUDY POS your Business Stays up

You have no internet, don’t worry about it.  MUC are giving to you an offline system. Everyone can work on POS on local device. Every person can send the transactions offline in the form of queued.  if your internet connection resumes it will be automatically processed.

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